Sunday, November 20, 2011


More moves done in my 7 years Wars Cyberboard system:

General Situation in central Urope

British fleets took out at 4:1 odds Dutch Shipping off the norther coast of Holland.

Big Battle in Pilsner had:
+3 King Fredrich
+2 Seydliz
+2 Henry
and Prussian (called Altmorania in my fictional "Urope") troops 4*3, 4*3, 2*1


Austrian +1 General Daun
troops 3*2
Saxe-Bearstein troops: 3*2 and 1*1

For at total of 1.4 advantage to Prussia. Not enough to get any strategic bonuses.

The Plan die rolls were dismal for the Austrians and fair-good for Prussians, which eliminated the defensive bonus for the Austrian/Saxon positions.

3 Major rounds of Battle ensued (each about one hour in length)

Round one went to the Prussians who gained a position bonus of +2 and took only 10% casualties while inflicting 25% on the Austrians.
Round two was the reverse of round one save that it was slightly less damage to the Prussians (only 20% casualties)
Round three was the clincher, essentially the same as round one, for the math, the problem was that the Austrian side could not take any more of such casualties and now the odds were tipping heavily in the Prussians favor.

The Saxons were abandoned as a rear guard and Daun commenced the withdrawal. A lucky shot into a nearby artillery battery nearly killed Daun, he was lucky also with his saving throw. The Prussian Prince Henry suffered a lot of damage (almost dead) from a fall during a cavalry charge.

Other actions were at:

Miastokrol, Russians kept the fortress after a 2 hour attempt at siege, 20% casualties to the Prussians caused them to break the siege and retreat.

Vienna! I decided that the "vile" Stagonians, would do a mad action to grab territory, in Linz and Saxe-Bearstein while the Prussians were busy with the main Saxon and Austrian armies (even though this would likely piss off their nominal French 'ally'). Well in this round the Austrian capitol Vienna was only covered by one force, and a shot at the nearby troops would keep them from helping the capitol ... taking it would make Stagonia a major player! HA fat chance!

Both the flank column and the force attacking Vienna were defeated. The one into Vienna was killed to 55%, then the rest were caught in a pursuit 100% loss as the rest are now prisoners.

The other force had to retreat into the mountains, near the area of Tipplebruder ...

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