Sunday, November 06, 2011

Clearing Space

With the game table space gone and the need to downsize heavily upon me I have started the process of selling painted and unpainted minis.

These French are due to join many others on the eBay auction site this week.

Hence my dropped off postings about games topics.


abdul666 said...

Hi Murdock,
sorry to hijack the comments thread here, but regarding your new 'tricornes' campaign I'm specially intrigued with Altmoriana: Mieczislaw, Saxe-Bearstein, Burtzenia, Boyardvina... we knew from the 'Wars for Acadian Glory'. Other names are veteran 'EvE' countries; but Altmoriana sounds really new. So much the more as I have a vague memory of seeing (though recently! 'Old age is a shipwreck'...) of forces which, on the photo at least, seemed to wear an unusual hat???

MurdocK said...

Hello abdul,

The list of Mieczyslaw opponents:
- or -

click here

MurdocK said...

The hats?

Maybe you are referring to the 1806 Prussians I have been using as part of my forces on the tabletop.

They wore the "casque" which is a sort of bicorne the runs left to right rather than fore-aft.

The hat is in more of a soft form than the pointed fore-aft hats that the British favored or the normal bicornes that troops of Russia or the middle guard would have worn.

Is that the 'hats' you are mentioning?

MurdocK said...

The hats can be seen in this image from the Bitva u Barva:


The artillery gunners hats have lace painted on them so the curves stand out.

The musketeers (with a grenadier company attached) beyond the gun on the left, also have the 'casque' on them.