Monday, July 11, 2011

Sword and Flame

A little bit of fun at Jeff's on last Sunday.

A reverse from the last game, last time my son and his friend put in an appearance as the red coats facing myself and Jeff as the Pushtu warriors. So now I was commanding a relief column and the young boys did the job as the Pushtu.

Things did not go well from he start for the boys. Their first locations were just out of Jezail or rifle range, then worse, my fast moving column (I rolled 1 pip under maximum for movement three times in the first two turns) had caught one Jezail force flat footed and was (seen in the image here) first blasting them then charged from both sides at once. It was a massacre until 25% of the force was left with no officers and they surrendered.

Meanwhile back at the fort, Pete our other campaign player now able to take part, was holding off the hand weapon armed mobs pretty well, then all three of them came at once, it was a bloodbath. With the Indian Sepoy troops taking the worst of it, the 78th held their ground till the very end when they ran out to scatter the last of the attackers.

End of the day the relief column lost 1 dead, 7 wounded including one officer.

Victory for the old men this time again...

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