Wednesday, July 20, 2011

KITES of the Garden ...

My sons got a little note from Jeff about making little wooden toy planes.

Well my eldest took off on the project and made 18 of them!

They got painted red yellow and green.

The boys then tumbled into a little simulated 'dog fight'. With a bit of help from dad a fast play tabletop game got going.

It lasted a few afternoons, now the yellow squadrons are a bit worse for wear and a few of the red planes are in disrepair. Fast tough fun for little boys.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I`m glad that those worked out for your boys.

The inspiration came from `The Penny Whistle`blog:

He has several posts over the last year or so -- use the WWI label or the clothespin label to see more.

I`m glad to see those dollar store clothespins I gave you ended up `flying`. Congrats to Alex for building the squadrons.

-- Jeff

peter said...

Nice to see some work of young moddelers.
And you mentioned it; it's all about fun ;-)