Thursday, June 18, 2009

Napoleonic Rules Set

Column, Line & Square

Check it out!


Rafael Pardo said...

A very old rule-set

Thanks for your discovery!

MurdocK said...

Old set yes.

I had a friend, Jeff, point them out to me, did some poking around, thought it was at least worth making a note of the research and connection to the rules page.

As the comment in your link says from 1997,
"...wish I had a copy of the rules..."

The net connection and links to the rules-set(s) are of value to at least have another resource.

Certainly I had not seen them before, mostly due to my own focus on SHAKO and derivatives as well as wanting to have a kreigspeil approach, so the 20-1 ratio is reall 'tight' for 25mm figs unless I am doing the 'garden games' again.