Wednesday, June 24, 2009


An image by an artist Slava :

"In 1985, I went to Pamir mountains with a group of mountain-climbers. When we reached 1,200 yards above the sea-level, we saw this beautiful lake. It's called Iskanderkul. In Asian - "Iskander" means Alexander, and "kul" stands for lake. Iskanderkul got its name because the army of Alexander the Great reached this point centuries ago. The water in this lake is so pure that the bottom could be seen clearly at the depth of 4-5 yards. Around this lake, there are walnut groves, and the quiet. After the noise of the cities, the quiet was scary until we got used to it. And the moment came when I was hypnotized by nature, when I was looking and couldn't get enough. Remembering that feeling, I painted this piece."

I post this image to highlight this couple's works and I was inspired by the imagery of his words ... reminding me of the many ancients battles that I have done from the Alexandrian period. Time to get out those elephants again I think.

To see more art work from this couple see Maestro Art Services.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

I sort of have a painted 25mm Alexandrian army. It used to be based for WRG but now about half of it is based for WH Ancients.

It was my first army . . . all Essex figures . . . but also my first paint job . . . so somewhat less than what I'd settle for now.

Have you looked at the IMPETUS rules? They look relatively easy and people say that they're a lot of fun.

Basic Impetus (along with all of the army lists) can be found here in .pdf form:

Oh . . . and I also have a copy of the full IMPETUS rules.

-- Jeff