Monday, May 05, 2008

Some more least a little.

With some much more for me to study and do around the house (now that the rains have stopped) I am having the usual slow down in painting progress being combined with a real crunch in work study time.

However I did get in an hour or so on sunday and have the horse ready to take inks (tonight I hope) and have the foot ready for detail layers (lots of small leather and wood bits along with the flagpoles then the metallics). Though the details are not likely to be advanced for another week or so.

I did also get 4 battalions of British mounted to sticks and base coated -> the redcoats are coming!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Pete and Brant were by on Sunday . . . and we got a lot done too.

They were primarily working on fantasy figures; while I got 90 black-primed Zulus white-brushed so that details are easily picked out. I also finished up a unit of ten Egyptian cavalry.

-- Jeff

rpardo said...

Ah! You have the same problem than me: too many things to do.....
Regrads and en avant!