Saturday, June 02, 2007

On the eve of battle...

I am always a bit nervous on the eve of any major tabletop battle that I am hosting.

At the moment the nerves are also about the attendees...sigh summer is always so full of activities for many that the prospect of an indoor game is not as pleasant.

Ultimately since the gaming location is inside my 'outdoor' shed space we will have all the sounds and smells of the outdoors and have a place in the shade (it will get very toasty tomorrow with daytime highs near 26 degrees celcius!). I must remember to power up the fans once we start to game.

Anyway, onto the images.

I only have to flock the engineers and toss some flockings under the loose boards sets I made for simulating pontoon supplies and that project will be done on time.

I think the jitters are less since I do not have to finish painting 100's of figs in time!

Here are the engineers just after the gloss coat (done last night, late and I was too tired to write).

The tabletop is all ready with the troops all laid out in deployment readyness.

Here is Lannes surveying the landscape before Friedland.

Here is a shot of the whole of the battlefield as seen from behind the French positions (I cut out the mess in the background). The distance from the far side of Friedland to the near edge of the French lines is 8 feet and the large table width (too much to fit in the picture) is also 8 feet! A total of 56 square feet of battlefield action area!

Must get that flocking done and off to bed ... cheers!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Impressive looking, as always.

With luck, I'll make it up there for the game . . . at least if Lani stays healthy.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

Looking forward to sharing the time!