Friday, June 29, 2007

More of the Boyardvina? troops.

I have been thinking about the long-term uses of the current bunch of castings.

Since I plan to do much more Napoleonics with Austrians in the near future I thought it better that I paint the current crop as Austrian rather than the 'red' russians.

So here is the current state of these troops:

Here are the 'officers', my son asked "Why is there a blue horse?"
I answer, "Keep watching the blog and see it change color to the final one of ... white!"

The 'pink' ones here are even stranger!
They will have a hot re-brown color at the end.

The infantry!
Again my son asks, "White infantry?"


sigh, I guess I now need to re-teach him about another 'empire' (not the Lucas' one!) that had its soldiers in white!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Lucas? What army was he with?

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

Not one wearing any tricornes that I am aware of!

abdul666 said...

Austrians, Austrians, that's rather quickly said!
Tricorn minis in a Napoleonic campaign really do NOT need to wear strictly historical uniforms. So Boyardvinan troops intended to moonlight as napoleonic austrians can display some degree of originality on their uniforms?

MurdocK said...

Actually I have decided to NOT do this lot as Boyardvinan, but rather as Burtzenian (whom are associated with the Empire!).

These troops will moonlight as Napoleonic and also do much duty I am sure as any of the 'white' or 'gray' uniform wearing troops.

Moreover, these 'austrian' troops are wearing white colored 'prussian' style uniforms!

abdul666 said...

white-colored prussian styles uniforms? Well, that's that, at least... Add 1 or 2 unhistorical minor details and they'll fully deserve to enter the Funcken of the 'Fictional Lace Wars Armies'...