Monday, January 01, 2007



I did, very nearly, an entire day of painting!

I was able to get a huge amount done while the family was away doing errands and some visiting.

Bonaparte and the Marshals are very nearly done (actually Boney is done, but as predicted Murat is taking longer).

The metallics are on some of the troops, but loads more needs to be done on the Dragoons (all those helmets!).

The Chassuers a Cheval are also very nearly done and they turned out smartly (I am very pleased with the overall appearance and particular brushworking I did on these ones).

Only dull metal parts on the Russian guns remain and the gunners are all basically done, I just need to do the 'final inspections' and touch-ups.

One more day like that (could be this friday?) or the evenings over next week and I will have all these troops ready and gloss coated.

Enjoy the pics!

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