Monday, January 01, 2007

First wave of detail color.

I focussed on getting the massed Dragoons done first, which by the time the fireworks started being let off around here last night left me with less time than hoped for to accomplish the task.

Why did the fireworks interfere?

Our dog became positively frantic and was in and out of my painting spaces over and over again, along with lying under and on top of my feet, which plays merry havoc with detail painting!

So I had to shut all down and just read etc while I comforted the dog.

Still more things to get in the way of the painting projects before the return to 'regular' schedule...


Here are the pics from last night that the dog did not let me get posted due to his crowding around the computer so much that he killed the power bar!

1 comment:

Bluebear Jeff said...

All right, Murdock, is that the best that you can do?

Yeah . . . blame everything on "the dog" . . . I mean, it isn't like we can interview him to verify your story, now is it?

Seriously, I'm very impressed with the amount of painting that you get done.


-- Jeff