Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No brushwork done yet, as the Empress Dragoons needed to have the saddles 'ground-down' otherwise the riders would all be 'canted forwards' over their mounts.

Since I needed to wait for the glue to dry on them I thought I would also 'grind-out' the saddles and extras on the dozen mounts needed for the squadron of "BIG BOOTS" French Grenadiers a cheval. The riders are already painted Hinchcliffe models I got off eBay for about $0.25 per fig. All that they needed were a dozen horses. So I have cast them and now need to clean and modify the mounts since the Prince August figs have the riders without saddles and Hinchcliffe has the riders and saddles together.

I have painted Bonaparte before, in 15mm, so I thought this might be as good a place as any to show off my older brushwork and mention the Waterloo Campaign Game(s) that I have run in the past.

The game is loosely based on Napoleon, as designed by Tom Dalgleish, now of Columbia Games. With the borrowed map and move concept. The battles are then faught-out using my own De Bellis Napoleone (basically a Hordes of the Things - with mods), the players give general battlefield directions based on a map and a 3-d 'picture' that gets sent to them. All games are played out via email.

The images here are of a battlefield in action from the 1st version of the game played in 2002.

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