Monday, December 25, 2006

Festive celebrations cause the 'interrupt', along with a dose of winter flu (just for fun).

I did manage to get a first layer on all the mounts, and green onto most of the units tunics that call for it as ta base color (almost all of them).

Still more green to do and of course all the horses.

This will come in the next 2 days, with a suitable gap (in the real world problems) and I may even see all the horse done and a major lump on the riders.

Been studying more on Murat, and I think this image sums up the plans for him.

Merry Ho-HO and a happy Hiccup!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, my friend, you are a mad painting fool.

I wish that I couldsay the same of myself . . . but I've come down with some sort of respiratory crud and have been sick abed the past few days.

My bride's pinched nerve in her neck has caused her massive pain as well . . . so my mind has not been at ease.

Hopefully the weather will warm up a bit soon and allow me to prime some of my RSMs . . . although I'm not sure where most of my painting stuff is (in storage) . . . especially my Optivisor (which allows me to see some of the details on the figures.

Anyway, as always your painting rate impresses me mightily.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

Been having to stand-aside during the visiting time and now the lady shopex on Boxing day (I feel boxed in!).

Here I am within arms reach of another 68 cavalry, 42 gunners, 10 guns, 5 Marshals & aides de camp, Roustam and Bonaparte and I cannot take the time to paint as I need to do more daddy daycare!