Trading Post - Doctor Who

More painted minis for sale, this time Doctor Who is the focus. All are in the 25/28 mm scale most are by Copplestone Miniatures.

Current Who minis finished as of July 1 2019
Rose, Tennant, Amy Pond, K9, Dr 3, 4, 5 and loads of different and classic Daleks along with a space suited ... River?

*** SOLD AS OF JULY 21, 2019 ***


Current Chess set, this one includes the glass board and Timey Wimey back image (or you could find your own).

full metal set, with the two kings, Tennant and Smith

they are swappable to make a different feel to the set

includes the glass board

also includes the box and cut foam to protect the pieces
looking great in the sun on July 1, 2019

image used in behind the glass board

Asking $300 for the full set.

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