Trading Post - Doctor Who

More painted minis for sale, this time Doctor Who is the focus. All are in the 25/28 mm scale most are by Copplestone Miniatures.

*** NOTE: the David Tennant Doctors have all sold out - more coming soon.
*** NOTE: the Matt Smith Doctors are all sold out - more coming soon.

Further, a special Dalek with a lady admirer has an asking of $12

Dalek with lady in gold dress

Inspired by Kylie Minogue's photo shoot


 ***SOLD*** ***SOLD*** ***SOLD***

The chess set has been sold now.

K9s for Pawns Rory and Mickey for Knights, with Dr Jones as a Bishop

set does not include a board

asking $240 plus shipping and handling

leave comment for a quote on the shipping or other details you may have questions about
include your email and I will respond without publicizing your email address

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