Thursday, November 19, 2020

English Civil War - Campaign Game II

 The game plans for the winter have now firmed up and my youngest son and I will engage in some English Civil War battles set in the west country (same region as the ones the Rob and I are doing), though this time the establishment will be to 'create battle situations' and not so much worry about supplies or the wider war issues.

I have put together a cyberboard game box for us to use and set out an initial setup:

The intention is to use the larger 'named' forces from Unhappy King Charles as full brigades of trained troops, pike & shotte units and horse units.  Then the un-named and smaller 'flag' forces as random club-men, a pike & shotte unit (maybe) and maybe some border horse (all raw and C2* pistoleer) units.

We'll see what sort of crazy mayhem we manage to create.


Jonathan Freitag said...

This will be very interesting campaign to follow.

nundanket said...

Looking forward to this campaign unfolding.