Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Battlefield "B" of Shako Mini Campaign.

An uneven battle, as expected in a good campaign, this time with the Anglo-Portuguese having two Divisions taking on one French Division.

The terrain had steep hills on the flanks and a rough ground opposite a large lower hill in the center.

overview of field

tall hill on the Anglo left seen here

The forces were thus deployed and being all foot this would be a quick turn around game turns since there would be little movement each turn.

Overview turn 3

close up of the 95th

It took two turns to get forces close enough to engage with more than artillery or skirmishing foot.

turn 4 overview

ongoing skirmishing battles took place along the slope and rough ground

The main volleys did not take place until turn 5, with some damage done by artillery and not much from the dueling skirmisher swarms.

now volleys and melee had taken place

the large 'light' Division was pressing hard

Portuguese forces brought up the rear and fired in the final volleys

French Division commander was left alone to run the battle as the 'army command' was over-run TWICE!

The critical melee ... British elite troops were destroyed

A close melee happened and the British elites failed in a die roll, being eliminated from the battle.

In the end the French could only re-form a single battalion from the three they had started with, while the British had lost the Elites and fully manned back one battalion, with a third one damaged, with -2 casualties, possibly available for the coming "final battle".

Next Saturday, 19 September 2020, will feature a battle with the remaining three divisions for both sides and will be a 'tie breaker' as the score is 1:1 right now.


Battlefield A layout

The winner will then be the 'attacker' on the opponent 'defender' in the combined forces (survivors) final match.  The battlefield will be determined at the end of the battle on the 19th.

Game on!

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Archduke Piccolo said...

I always enjoy your Napoleonic battles. Great stuff!