Monday, June 22, 2020

Stoke Lane ECW skirmish battle

More details are coming to light on what needs to be available for the coming Stoke Lane battle.

William Waller's Brigade of Horse is on the attack and Waller's own Regiment is leading the way with six sections and Waller's Dragoons with five sections.

I have set up 10 miniature models as a Dragoon 'section' and the two Majors as 'heroes' from the 1991 Origins Award winning Star Wars Miniatures Battles system.

Major Francis Dowet commands the 'horse' and this attack
The cards are designed to be folded over and put into a thick card protector so that game data can be recorded using grease pencils or other wipe off markers.

Major Carr commands the Dragoons
I have more of the 'teddy bear fur' to do up now for these troops before the game and to organize some more photo sessions, for now I have the first four of the five troops of Dragoons done.

Then I have also done up the first of the Royalist cards in preparation for Rob's contribution of more photos of the 'dismounted' troops for use in the game.

Sergeant Major General Sir James Hamilton was in command of the green troopers of his own Regiment of Horse
Lieutenant Colonel Lewis Carre was the General's second-in-command at Stoke Lane
More photos and more preparations to make yet for this major skirmish game coming in just over a fort-nite.

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Great looking cards!