Saturday, June 15, 2019

Garden Wars ECW Royal Parade Day

It was time to deal with the lawn and get it into shape for some sort of Garden Wars action.

It was also time to get some photos of the Royalist Army as I have it so far, there are still four squadrons of horse to finish for the Oxford army.

This is a posting all about eye candy and the Royalist ECW forces I have ready to take action.

How soon they take to the field will depend on how soon I can find opposition commander.

the whole force laid out with 4 yardsticks showing battle frontage

here two yardsticks are set against the forward one to show the depth of the formation of troops
I laid the troops out in there general arrival areas, with the Cornish brigade to the right wing alone, Oxford brigade facing south of the town, with the King in the town and the Welsh brigade to the north of the town.

Lacey Horse to the far right wing

Horse and other commands in Welsh contingent 'uniforms'

the Welsh army command stand, as usual all of my minis are on fender washers and so could easily be changed to smaller command stands or singles.
all the flags are about 2x as big as they would have been historically - done intentionally to make them more visible on the tabletop - or like here my backyard

the Royal Standard does stand out here

Welsh Dragons abound in the banners of the Welsh brigade

again another brigade commander who could also do army command

as with any photo shoot, sometimes a good picture appears out of nowhere

when the sun comes out thru the tree branches

or a quick shot done, without really caring how good it was at the time
The eye candy will round this posting out:

re-set Rupert in front of the Welsh petronels

The King with his lifeguard demi-lancers

wider shot of same, looking good with all the green

the royalists command all assembled

a moment in the sun for the yellow uniformed petronels

a final great shot of the Welsh force just being touched by the sunlight
Now to get finished with the current chess set, Pulp league(s) and then on to the Royalist horse to finish fully this stage of the ECW collection.

Why 'this stage'?  I have come to the conclusion that there must be some Scottish forces, or even a small Irish contingent, in order to properly game out the latter stages of the first English Civil War.

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