Sunday, February 18, 2018

LONGBOATS for Pirate and other games - including PULP

Along side the Pulp works I have been able to squeeze in a couple of the longboats from Blood & Plunder.

Realizing that I had little time to do the fiddly method of painting, I decided to imitate the horse painting method I have used to turn out the cavalry quickly.
longboat in setting with Rob's amazing peril island terrain

I really love the effect that it as had on these beautifully detailed models.

the boats started as white resin, I gray base coated, then painted with a mix of brown and black (forward boat here), then did a 'wet-brush' technique to just get the highlights of the boards (rear boat in the image)

next comes color layer on top of the while 'pulling' or 'wet-brush', for these two boats I have done one with orange color band (rear) and yellow color band (front)

then an ink layer goes on, both boats are seen here in a flash photo with the ink still wet
I'm not completely satisfied with the finished product and plan on another ink layer and then dry-brush on highlights and accents the color and the ropes.

The Firelock Games boats have fantastic detailing and that detail is what has made painting these boats a real treat.  I'm looking forward to the sloops in the future along with the crews of Pirates that I have.

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