Saturday, April 29, 2017

Trumpeter Salute 2017

Whew!  What a month!

This past April saw two main convention events and an Easter Festival that I was part of the organizing group.

So now I shall quickly summarize the Salute 2017 in Burnaby this past month.

main room

main room

main room

Doug Hamm's Lion Rampant

fabulous chariot races

Star Fleet Battles (with excellent models)
cool stackable terrain for Battletech

closeup of Battletech terrain

Naval games using a table so large that players needed to climb onto the table!
I put on my Hundred Days Campaign, starting with a huge skirmish battle:

skirmish battle in action, thanks to Rene Charbonneau in playing the battle out
Then running the battle with commanders busy in other games while the strategic situation moved forward.

strategic map that Saturday morning

battle developed around Braine Le Compte

Bonaparte was there

The table was coated and I maxed out my 3" square metal bases

My Opponent turned out to have been a playtester for Fast Play Grande Armee and the final version BLUCHER

battle near the end

Anglo-Dutch could not hold back the Imperial Guard cavalry

the immense table was covered in more of my minis than any before

In order to get the Prussians into the battle I needed to 'improvise' new 3" stands

the carnage was immense
I played out a huge battle from 3 pm to 10 pm that day and had a series of excellent game design discussions.

we ended the day with big smiles all round
Other games that Saturday:

connection with old friends like Francis of Imperial Hobbies
more Battletech
Bolt Action
Pulp Alley - an award winning display

using cards Pulp Alley moves fast

the setup was a Mad Max like encounter in a post-holocaust world
Doug Hamm's Napoleonic battle

lots of Russians
Vimy was the feature game for the Saturday mid-day time slot

Truly a mammoth work

with attention to detail done well all along the way ...
Wooden ships & Iron Men

With lovely models
the ever-present Canvas Eagles
my eldest son even used a bunch of my terrain to run a role play game

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Ross Mac said...

Looks and sounds like a great day!