Monday, February 20, 2017

Convention / Show Purpose and/or efforts?

Questions for you dear reader.

What purpose to you see in the 'playable' games at the games conventions or shows?

Why do you attend these conventions or shows?

Why do you put on the game demonstration (not the static or non-participatory games) at these conventions or shows?

Clearly for those who operate a store or game shop there is a method to the putting on of a game demonstration = to expose more folks to your product line(s).

I am asking for the hobby enthusiast.


I plan to give my own views in a week or so as I mull over my own proposed demonstration game(s).

Give your answers, as detailed as you like in the comments section, thank you.


daveb said...

As a PLAYER I like conventions because:
1/. you get to see some pretty sweet set ups, often some really clever ideas as well.
2/. You get to play games with other peoples fully painted toys
3/. You often get a chance to play systems you may have heard about, but aren't sure whether to invest time/money in learning them and finding players.
4/. Low odds, but you may meet players you didn't know before and get a chance to start playing with them after the con.

1/. A bit of public good/pay back for other people hosting games. The system requires hosts to step up and many hands make light work. It helps foster the community.
2/. You might be prowling for more players to get interested in your game of choice that you are hosting
3/. If you are developing a convention rule set, you may think it's primetime for inflicting on people.

legatus hedlius said...

I never play games at conventions or shows. I don't like playing games with people I don't know, especially as I am really slow at picking up rules. I go to shows to look at and buy products in real life (especially scenics), look at good terrain for ideas and games from periods I am interested in.

Ross Mac said...

I go despite the distances involved (closest being 1,000 k by road) for 2 main reasons.
#1 meet up with old friends, inc on line ones and meet new ones.
#2 See what others are doing and talk wargaming with someone other than the usual suspects, share my views and ideas and hear those of others

I run games for the usual reasons, do my share to make the convention feasible, pay back the hobby by giving others a chance to play a game, esp those who don't have a regular gaming group or opponent, and as a way to do tge first answers, ie share/show what I do, often something non-mainstream, and how I do it and meet people, make new friends and reconnect with old ones. Lastly because I enjoy running games.