Sunday, October 09, 2016

Squad Leader at Library

The Guards Counter Attack

October 1942, Stalingrad

all ready for playing scenario #1
The Library needed us to shift time from 12 noon start to a 10 am start, and finish at 2 pm, rather than the usual 4:30 pm.

Because of this I decided to go with the faster set-up and take down: Squad Leader.

There were the inevitable delays in getting the room started, the role-players were needing some early support time and they have now split into two RPG groups (yes there were 15 people there this time).

I was able to bring in one player (when they were TKO during the RPG).

The Soviet Guards did manage do disrupt one of the German held buildings

by the end of turn 1, though the Germans had broken up the first attempt at that one building - and - managed to disrupt Soviet troops in a building on the right (other) flank

My active player needed to return to his Role-Play and I continued the scenario in  solo play mode.

storming the building a close combat resulted

all 31 men were dead at the end of the combat ... only an LMG was left behind on the board
It has been some time since I played to a near stand-still on both sides.

The Soviet Guards, just could not break out from the first building they captured and the Germans did not take one stone building (they came close) from the Soviets.  So not quite a draw and certainly not a Soviet victory ... the attrition battle in the streets of Stalingrad continues ...

end of turn 5, the Soviet Guards were mostly in broken condition and a squad of Germans were just outside of a former Soviet held building

Given the limited response to Squad Leader, I shall bring out the more colorful miniatures in the future to the Library game day.

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The scenario that ignited my passion for all things tactical.