Sunday, June 12, 2016

Return to Afristan - The Sword and the Flame

On the mythical lost continent of Afristan the forces of Gran Bretan wage a series of campaigns to pacify the local populace.

This tale is of a Breton column that had the mission to destroy two rival native villages; the young Captain Davidson was to regret ever taking on such a task ...

The Bretons deploy, to take on the closer village first

massed in their red coats the right flank was tasked to escort a special wagon

though there were no visible native Dervish forces, the assembling red coats were being closely watched

the column moved through woods and slowly over open ground

the leading Ghurka formation was shot to bits and the Havildar was chopped down by a mob, which then rushed the next formation of colonial troops

another mob burst from the near village and again the rush was on, this time the mule teams were the target

Captain Davidson was unable to rally anyone from the head of the column, seeing even more native forces rushing towards is tiny force ...

this time the attackers were on camels

pouring over the hedges of the other small village

and on horseback pushing hard for the left flank of the Colonial forces column

the native mobs did take out 20+ in their rushing swarm

even more mobs showed up

the best troops kept moving too slowly to get into any kind of firing position

Breton die rolls for movement were atrocious ... could the tiny model men know more than the leader?

mobs, time and again were now holding back from closing into the kill

now though the camels were hammering into the flanks

and in the end the horsemen took the flank and rear of the Colonial forces

fleeing from their wagon-load of demolitions the red coats got away with only a dozen or so survivors from this column ... it would appear that Afristan was about to explode into open revolt.
Alex has decided that TSATF and the colonial game is not his 'cup of tea'.  It would also appear that there is more interest in larger black powder actions in the future for Jeff's table.

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