Monday, November 16, 2015

Pulp Action

We interrupt this blog for another bulletin from the Pulp Action line:

Attention all Pulp fans and ships at sea.

The Cowboys and Yellow Peril managed to destroy each other, leaving GREEDS and Greens to pick up the loot.

Yellow Peril and the Cowboys square off

while GREEDS and Greens pair off also

The bullets were flying wildly in the smoky haze of a Mexican Archaeology dig?

our host had many laughs at the antics and situations on the table
we even had a BINGO card!
There was a moment when the strangeness reached a peak, as weird zones of wild purple energy appeared as if from nowhere!

in the end it came down to all the other league leaders shooting at Curly Bill to stop the Cowboys from gaining a full victory
With Curly Bill shot down and no time left (it was turn 5) the other Leagues were content with simply gaining a one or two point event.

Though now with all four games in hand the Greens are in the lead ...

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

1 comment:

Bluebear Jeff said...

After these games, here are the significant "Rewards" so far:

GREEDS -- Reputation 2, Gear 1, Experience 1
Cowboys -- Reputation 4, Tips 1, Backup 1
Yellow Peril -- Reputation 1, Tips 1, Backup 2
Greene Team -- Reputation 7, Tips 1, Backup 1, Contacts 1, Experience 2

-- Jeff