Tuesday, August 11, 2015

InCon Comox Valley - 2015 edition

a sweat soaked shirt of one of the event core team
From 1993 to 2012 there was a game-focus annual (sort of) event called Dak-Kon that ran in Courtenay.

I had the chance to be part of the event's inspiration and then to help run a few years of the event from 2001-2012. 

With the end of Dak-Kon there came a new event called InConcievable, or InCon for short.

This past weekend was their second attempt at running this event.

I was able to put on some game demonstrations, which I will post about in future postings here, for now I would like to share some items I saw at the event.

In the games space, there were 40K and Warhammer Fantasy games going on.

fantasy terrain in the Warhammer section
Along with  a series of retro-video games consoles and a couple of the latest game units using projection screens to play on.  Where else would you find Venom and Batman playing?

did I mention there was a lot of COSPlay going on at this event?

 Downstairs from the games space was Magic the Gathering.

Across a parking lot was another presentation space filled with a stage and merchant hall, and more board games tables and a children expo area along with an operations room for the core team of the event.

Oh yes there was also a lot of COSTUME Play (COSPlay) going on all over the place ...

yours truly mugging with a 501st for charity
 The 501st costume players put in a contingent that was raising funds for the local YANA association, that helps people travel and have accommodations when needing medical procedures at more distant hospitals (we are near the end of the road here).

a Mos Eisley MP on patrol in the game area

In all, given that this is a Number two attempt at this sort of event, I was happy to see so many young people come out and had whole families check out the board games and miniatures games that I had on display for demonstration game (more about them in later posts to come).

game token marker
Since the event was of the 1-2-3 series (it felt like a #1 'first time' kind of experience) I could only rate the performance of what I could see.  From that I would say that Saturday was a 6/10 for the game area I was in.  And that I did the full set of demos that I had planned, though it would have been nice to have a few more players in each game - they did come off well.  For Sunday, things were much slower in the game area, until 1 pm - which I did not mind as it let me and my son run off to see the dealers and get some photos with the 501st.  When I got back in the afternoon I did two demonstrations of the game parts and actually used all of them with one group of three boys.

Overall I believe that the event deserves another go round before I could give any clearer rating than this was a "FEAT" of work for the core team!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, sir, I wish that I had known that it was taking place. I'm not sure that I would have been up to attending but I didn't even know that it was happening.

Perhaps next year you can remember to let me know, okay?

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

When I brought it up with you as Alex and I helped with your fridge and we did that VWQ game you had decided your (then) upcoming chemo treatments would make it impossible to attend.

I shall certainly keep you up to date on events like this in the Comox Valley.

Michael Peterson said...

This is especially cool to me because I grew up in the Valley (GP Vanier class of 1980) but moved away and haven't been back since '85. I wish this event had been around when I was a teenager, but then I can say that I was in at the ground floor of D&D when TSR published it in paperback booklets. My fellow geeks would bring our recent purchases at the sadly defunct Roundel Hobbies to basements in our parents' homes and have all sorts of fun. Good to see a mature gaming scene has evolved since those early days.