Monday, July 27, 2015

Stagonia and Alpia clash again in a Victory Without Quarter

A few weeks ago Bluebear Jeff hosted a Victory Without Quarter game.
Stagonia's lines

Once again it was Stagonia vs. Alpia.

Alpia's left and Center

The game was put on to show Rob, our new area game enthusiast, what forces Jeff could field for the 14th to 16th Century.

Jeff's wonderful cards set-up in support of the tabletop
This was also a chance to showcase the Victory Without Quarter game system.

My eldest son came out to command the left wing
For me the VWQ system is a non-starter.  I understand the concept of the cards driving the action on the table, I just do not agree with the tactical results in a face-to-face game. 

Jeff's models with their simple colorful pain jobs are fun to work with
Having played many games now via email, I have learned not to expect much from any one game turn and deploy my troops in much tighter formations with little or no expectation of really moving in any sort of co-ordinated fashion.

because of the card mechanics there is the possibility of key forces never moving

indeed it was not until turn 14 that my Commander in Chief got to do anything
Tactical objectives are kept totally limited and strategy is a waste of effort.

The game was another Victory for Stagonia, my eldest son was happy to have driven back cavalry with his foot units.  Yet the face-to-face experience was not what I like from tabletop play, again mostly due to the card driven randomness of all the tabletop action.

Still fun to push lead and chat.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Yes, I know that these rules are not to your liking . . . which is why we are looking at other rule sets for our ECW gaming.

Still I enjoyed watching the game develop.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

As a solo game I think VWQ is excellent.

Even better if you have remote players that are setting the plan and all you need to do is move the minis in accord with that plan as determined by the 'surprise' of the cards, thus making it interesting and entertaining for the person running the game solo.

Face to face I have less like for such systems.