Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Edgehill - For God, King and Country - playtest one part IV

A Second day of game was called for and we assembled, with a guest at Jeff's.

a scramble of a hand to hand combat - that was not done correctly

wide view of the field

dragoons that later mounted up to attack through the hedges on the Parliament left

center was getting blasted to bits - started 20% or more lower value than the Royalists

view down the Royalist line

some of Jeff's Dragoons

looking over the field from the Parliament right

deployment was everything, as this battle line just did not move

Dragoons mount up to attack in turn 9

The Shepherds

The King

by turn 11 only one formation of horse was available to either side on the Parliament right

So we left the table at a 10-10 tie in Turn 11.

I was unable to attend the final session, which Rob took over the Parliament, in this playtest.

needless to say that the use of the rules was a bit loose and that resulted in both forces being permitted to 'fire muskets' without using a command order.  I was wondering about the high values for the Royalist morale ... now I understand why they were given such high numbers, the Royalists were much less likely to shoot every turn.

Read about the end here:  PROJECT ECW


Bluebear Jeff said...

The Royalist started with a higher percentage because they are just better than those rebellious "Roundheads".

Besides everything else, Royalists like to celebrate Christmas so that they can get more toy soldiers . . . unlike Cromwell's cronies who would ban Christmas joy.

-- Jeff

Phil said...

Nice looking game...and amazing flags and figures!

Big Andy said...

If the Royalists were "Better how come they lost the war - well all 3 actually - and didn't even manage to win Edgehill!!!
Babylon is fallen is fallen is Fallen .....
Englands Freedom, Soldiers Rights ....