Friday, March 13, 2015

A look back at 100 Days Campiagning Nr. 7

The fifth installment of the 100 days campaign was run in 2005, before I was introduced to blogging here.

The game again included allowance for destroying bridges, something that I would not now include.  Many of these 'metaled' roads have significant bridges which even destroyed would still be able to be formed into crossings.  None of the rivers in the region are as significant as the Danube, which in 1809 formed a real barrier to armies of the age.

First in the campaign came a major action at Braie le Compte.

this time more promotional images were made to tell the story on the Arcadian Guild site

while the normal panorama shots were still made for the players
Rather than post all about the plans, I shall highlight the different map symbols used to identify troops after they have been encountered on the battlefield.

France map
British Map
The campaign actions again led to a battle at Brussels, this time with both Allied and Prussian armies facing off against the French.

promotional view, showing off the new smoke and burning effects

greater detail of the burning effect, I like how the pond looks in this shot also

late in the battle, the French could not win the day ...
The combined forces held their ground in Brussels.

Prussian map
Unable to push out the forces in Brussels, Bonaparte was forced to abdicate ... again.

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Great mix of maps and figures, well done...