Thursday, December 25, 2014

The LOBSTERS - ECW Cuirassiers

A unit of Pike and Shotte Cuirassiers has been gifted to me.

Though only the Hesilrigge's Lobsters force actually existed during the ECW, I may go with a different flag
Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein fame presented me with this most wondrous gift so as to complete the Parliamentary forces.

The final three regiments of Pike and Shotte are going to get paint over the next few days and a trip to Bearstein is on the calendar to move forward the Royalist horse.  This way our two forces will have a chance to engage before this winter is out, on the tabletop.  Our working plan is to do Edgehill using the Canadian Wargames Group rules "For God King and Country".


Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm glad that you will enjoy them . . . but I hope that they don't turn out to be a "monster" for my Royalists . . . *grin*.

Here is a link to the BCW wiki on them:

-- Jeff

James Fisher, FINS said...

Waller's army is my favoured one for ECW, so you gotta have lobsters in my book, even if they only featured in a few battles.
Actually, I have been looking (back) into ECW recently. Some of the sources that I have suggest a few troops of cuirassiers here and there in several horse regiments. Does that match with what you have read David (and/or Jeff)?

MurdocK said...

Yes James, I have also seen mention of 'troops' of Cuirassier, though none as large as that of Sir Arthur Hesilrigge, the Royalists had a troop protecting the royal standard and as a bodyguard for the king after the incidents of nearly losing the royal standard and the point blank pistol shots into a fully armored officer of Hesilrigge that simply would not go down.

The terror of large bodies of such armored men is that only the ancient weapons (which most did not have on them) like morning stars or maces would even do anything to these walking tanks.

MurdocK said...

Hence the Halberds that some of the 'sergeants at arms' carried...