Saturday, September 20, 2014

Parliamentary Force - an Autumn Parade

Bleubear Jeff and I are assembling forces for some English Civil War games, Jeff has recently posted images of his currently completed foote formations and asked that I compile something similar.

Here is an Autumn Parade of the Parliamentary Army, as I have it so far:

A command stand, with the officer in green - Manchester - from the Old Glory line
Lord Saye and Sele's Regiment in blew
Lord Robartes' Regiment in red and yellow
Sir William Constable's Regiment in blew (2)
Sir William Fairfax's Regiment in gray (probable colour for Edghill)
Sir Henry Chomley's Regiment in blew (3)
Lord Mandeville's Regiment also in blew (4)
The Lord General's Regiment in orange
Lord Brooke's Regiment in purple
Denzil Holle's Regiment in red (2), crossing a bridge
There remains three more foote regiments to finish, two in gray and one in tawny and yellow colors, which will bring the total to 12 regiments.

Ordinance in blew

Ordinance in red
There are also some 18 or so other gunners in a variety of tunic colors, so manning smaller pieces from the extensive Napoleonic artillery will be a simple task to accomplish.

one of two units of commanded shotte, this one in green, the other in black for use as cannon sentries or skirmishing

one of two models I have for Cromwell
two regiments of trotter horse with blew flags
two regiment of trotter horse, with red and yellow flags
there are a number of mounted officers to serve as colonels or brigadiers, this one in green with a yellow sash
galloper horse was less used by the Parliamentary army, so only two units will be in my force, here with red and orange flags
The Parliamentary horse will have four more regiments, in orange green, indigo and purple.  They are all mounted on painting stands and have been base coated since this bare metal photo.

part of the four more regiments of horse
Here then in overview are the forces I have completed for my Parliamentary Army.

commanded shot in the lower right, foote through the center and crossing the bridge, with horse to the left of the image and top off-center.  Ordinance is on either side of the foote lines

The forces are building and rules sets are in review.

What are your favorite English Civil War war-games rules?


Jonathan Freitag said...

Nice collection!

My favorite ECW ruleset? A heavily modified Ironsides by Howard Whitehouse. Large games can played to completion in a short afternoon and I have had new comers say that it was great fun.

Looking forward to seeing Bluebear Jeff and yourself face off on the gaming table.

James Fisher said...

You seem to have made great progress with this army in short time David!
I've not wargamed the period for many years, but enjoyed "1644", by Rick Priestly and the Perry bros, when I last did.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I now have another four pike & shot units based up (but not yet flocked and bepiked). I also have the last two almost fully painted; all I have left is the belting and metal bits.

Yes, I know. That still leaves all of the mounted to do . . . but I find that a lot less onerous than the foot.

-- Jeff

tidders said...

Great little collection.

-- Allan

Archduke Piccolo said...

These are looking very very good. the outside photos do them justice and all.

MurdocK said...

I have not yet read Ironsides.

1644, I reviewed it, yet the points system and record-keeping put me off the rules. I really liked the black and white illustrations.

Keep the brushes blazing Jeff!

I thank you all for the kind words of encouragement on the project in progress.