Saturday, August 16, 2014

Alexandria Hussars Skirmish games

The Campaign of Nations has another skirmish encounter, this time featuring the Alexandria Hussars doing a regimental patrol to the west of Lubben, where General der Kavallerie Blücher's army has been preparing defenses for.

The French have been elusive, not making much contact in the past few days.

Now, just as the Russians are sent out to learn more a series of French & Italian squadrons are pushing back from the west, to learn of what Blücher has been doing in Lubben ...

The first match:

Troopers of the 2nd Italian Chasseurs à Cheval Regiment clashed first with the Alexandria Hussars

troopers of 2nd Italian Chasseurs à Cheval Regiment
After some minor skirmishing along a woods line a major carbine and pistol match broke out across the top of a low ridgeline.

the mix-up involved more than 1/2 of both forces, with the Italian Chasseurs arriving en masse
When the smoke cleared, on e trooper of the 2nd Italian Chasseurs à Cheval remained
Though wounded, the French came away with a WIN in game one.

Match two:

The French 14th Hussar Regiment were also partly deployed into the region and now clashed with the Alexandria Hussars.

two Alexandria Hussars held off all comers in a narrow space between two woods lines
The battle this time became a series of carbine and pistol exchanges in a narrow area between two stretches of woods.

When the smoke cleared, there were two troopers of the Alexandria Hussars that could claim victory!

Russians WIN match two.

Match three:

Continuing with the 14th Hussar Regiment, more French troopers clashed with the Alexandria Hussars.

This time the Coronet of the Alexandria Hussars rang his horn many times to call in the somewhat distributed troopers, this also called in the 14th Hussar troopers.  In a fast flashing of sabres, with a few pistol shots, the Coronet was felled along with the troop commander and the rest of the troopers, the 14th Hussars departed the field with three troopers.

one of the three 14th Hussar Regiment that won match 3
French lead series 2 games to 1.


Rafael Pardo said...

It seems good for the French... by now. Wait and see my contribution!

MurdocK said...

Looking forward to it Rafael!

Rafael Pardo said...

The Russian Hussars have slaughtered the French and made prisoner the Lieutenant Lasserre. See you it at

MurdocK said...

All is up to date at The Campaign of Nations