Friday, April 11, 2014

ECW Work in Progress Parliamentary Horse I

English Civil War - raw metal of horse - 3 x 12 man units plus 2 standard bearers
The Parliamentary Horse begins to take shape as I have some 77 minis now on the painting shelf, for progress over the next month.

Ideally come this autumn I shall be ready to take the field against the cavaliers of Bluebear Jeff.


Rafael Pardo said...

Could you post other pictures showing your 'painting devices' for cavalty in full? It looks a very useful trick

MurdocK said...

Certainly Rafael,

Perhaps I could do a short video or two of the makings.

Something to consider for this weekend as I am about to base coat these horsemen.

Bluebear Jeff said...


I use "craft sticks" for all of my figures . . . and hot glue the riders to the sticks.

However this means that I still have to paint their feet after everything else is done.

Murdock's system takes up a bit more room (although not much) and eliminates my "hot glue foot problem".

-- Jeff

Michael Mills said...

I'll second Rafa's request for a how-to!