Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hussar Skirmish Series

the field this time was a series of low and steep hills that the horsemen used to cover movements until ready to strike
Once again the armies in the Campaign of Nations are on the move.

games moved fast
Out on the vanguard and flanks are the Hussars ... probing, seeking information about the French formations in the area.

This time the Russian Hussars met some French Hussars ....

Again I used the fast play skirmish rules of my own devising, based loosely on the GURPS simple combat system.

Rather than go into great detail of the two matches, I shall simply state that in the first match one Russian Hussar got away, in the second match it was down to the wire and only two French Hussars remained, and both were wounded.
Lone Russian Hussar escaped

For this flank battle the Russians will not gain any useful information.

down to the last man ...
The Vanguard battle(s) are expected to take place in Australia this weekend ... news from that front once I have it.

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