Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A fresh distraction ECW

Standard of Oliver Cromwell
With the Napoleonic forces nearing completion, though lets be honest unless I do them at 1:33 men scale I shall not really be 'complete"; I am prepared to accept 'complete for now'.

I have returned to an old interest ... the English Civil War era.

Jeff, Bluebear, has taken on assembling some Royalist arms and challenged me to assemble some from Parliament to match him on the field, ahem, tabletop of battle.  So this would be what has begun filling my painting desk and expanding my reading material - Jeff even loaned me some films to help with the inspiration.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

"Cromwell" is ECW-oriented; but "The Last Valley" is a Thirty Years War film . . . on the continent a few years earlier . . . but similar in some ways.

There might be other films that cover the war, but I don't own any more.

-- Jeff