Saturday, March 17, 2012

Here ... there be DRAGONS!

Six Dragons and a Wyvern ....

no this is not the opening to a bar joke.

Finished and ready for sale via Rod's store in Courtenay. We'll see whether he can sell them as he boasted he could.

How many Olly points is a 25mm Dragon? They are 6" from head to tail and have a 4" wingspan.


Rafael Pardo said...

Are you thinking in a Fantasy skirmish?

MurdocK said...

I have done huge fantasy battles, I have sold off most of those forces.

These are some special ones that I was challenged to do up for Rod in his store.

Now I am challenging Rod back to sell them. We will see how it all works out.

I have kept two of them for use as part of some Hordes of the Things battles (I have nine fantasy armies in 15mm and whatever Warmaster (sometimes called Warhamster) scale is.

May do some games with them soon, getting asked by Marcus to do more games with him recently.