Friday, January 20, 2012

Speedy Conversion

This is one part of the minis system that I devised that I had hoped to take more advantage of sooner.

Now, though, I have found a new game system that I will take some time to examine closely.

I have switched over my 25mm Napoleonic minis onto bases for Fast Play Grand Armee.

It only took a few minutes to change them over once I had sorted out the commands and what numbers needed to be on what sized base.

Just as I did with Jeff's Tricorne Wars rules this conversion was fast and painless.

I am continuing to like the whole idea of *NOT* fixing the men onto the movement bases by gluing them on. The flexibility of the sheet steel, magnets and grass paper shows through again.

Now I must make the labels for the units in a Battle of Gorodetchna tabletop game I have planned for sometime in the next two weeks.

I have also been examining the painting plans for 2012:

Russians 100 more infantry in 25mm to permit me to have two full Divisions in Shako
Austrians (yes I am replacing the ones I sold last year) 68 Infantry and 12 Cavalry for a small command in Shako
French 68 Infantry to be done in the 1810-12 "White" uniforms - Yes there were French Troops in white, Bonaparte liked the Austrian uniforms, thought the looked smart on parade, then learned why their morale had so many problems during some combats in Russia. Blood really stands out on a white uniform, you can see it for 1000's of yards...

I am also in the process o acquiring some 400 minis that I will be painting for commercial sale at a local collector store in the Comox Valley, they will be from various science fiction genres like Dr. Who, Star Trek and Star Wars.

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Rafael Pardo said...

Agreat idea the not-fixing of figures to bases. We are waiting for an AAR of Fast Grand Armee rules. I play with other Sam Mustafa's product, Lasalle, and it is a good ruleset