Friday, May 20, 2011

Age of Reason

It has been a long while since I had dealt with all the aspects of the Age of Reason rules and I wanted to run through them again before going into more troops actions or more complicated terrains.

So my eldest son had been asking me to get into a game ... today was an opportunity.

The new matchstick armies got their first field test and Alex got to learn all about using cavalry in the center of a Horse & Musket battlefield.

He started with them in the center of his formation, unhappy that he could not deploy the infantry even further to the flanks...

I chose to concentrate on my right and give a refused left wing.

The Cavalry choices got worse as he split them into columns just as my guns got into range. BOOM down went 1/3 of a squadron.

Further advances with the same cavalry came with a snap decision to charge at the same time as my right wing got close to his infantry.

My wing went into charge, then his infantry made it into square with a good roll. Sadly his cavalry was even further away than mine was and the charge fell short, leaving the horsemen disordered and within musket range...

It was at this point that Alex chose to depart the game, having an offer to go play outside in the sunshine. I think he also understands SHAKO better now and the rules shift caused some confusion. I pressed on to see what final results could be got.

The red forces (simulating France in the 7 Years War period), did not fare so well. A musket exchange went equal, except that the Red Army command was attached and suffered a wound, not critical but he did have to retire from the engagement. Then the charge failed to go, leaving the men disordered in the face of my ordered regulars. Not a total turning point for certain and the outcome was really no longer in doubt as the blue (simulating Prussia during 7 Years War) cavalry was now round the red flank and ready to pounce on the routed militia and disordered and wounded square on the far left of the Red lines.

Certainly a good first outing for these tiny troops.

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