Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nothing Small

While not as impressive an article as may have been printed of Featherstone et al. I have my own moment in the press of my day.

This image, and others from the recent Trumpeter Salute 2011 convention are on the Burnaby Now website.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Might I suggest that you create a link to the website you mention?

There is an icon for that on the Blogger Dashboard when you create or edit a blog post (it is sort of heart-shaped).

-- Jeff

Rafael Pardo said...

I am curious about the unit whose uniform you are wearing...
Best regards

MurdocK said...

Hi Rafa,

The uniform was originally made for a Costume Party Wedding for a good friend of mine, held on October 31.

I have long been told I look good in red and I liked the Hussar uniform the most. I picked it out from a Funken book so it was not too closely researched.

My wife makes clothes and wanted to take on the challenge of this one.

Turns out that it is mostly 1st Hussars and after some more research, as close as I can tell (the 18th Century illustrations are not always highly detailed) it is the uniform of an Aide de Camp for Marshall Berthier.

I'll dig out an earlier picture, with a mustache and queue, to see what it looked like new.