Saturday, March 05, 2011

Convention consternation.

I find myself torn between a local games event and a more distant larger *miniatures* focused games event.

For the local one, I could easily attend, take my children and count on having a few good conversations. There would be no historical miniatures games to play unless I set them up. Were I to do that I could not count on any players unless I convinced them to come to the event.

For the more distant one, I have now learned I can get the transportation, I have the accommodation for the many days of the event ~ I am even likely to be able to bring all my boys to it. I have now seen the games listed for the event ... not much to draw my interest at the moment.

My torn position is I could be interested in doing a game at the more distant event, yet this event has no incentive beyond the personal pleasure of putting on a game. While the more local one has *free* entrance for those game masters who put on events that other players can take part in - thus increasing the attendance *fun factor*. The game master scheduler for the larger more distant event has even made a recent email appeal to get more games put on ... yet still no incentive.

My question to you, the interested Convention Game Master and or Player:

Would you like MORE game event options, or at least a full slate of them, at a game Convention and would you be willing to pay to play ~knowing~ that the game host that brought all the minis and terrain and essentially put on the game got into the event *free*?

Do you think that all attendees, either players or GM's must all pay to be present in a Convention setting?


Bluebear Jeff said...

Obviously I'm not a convention organizer, but when I've attended Cons as a player, I've never objected to GMs getting in free.

My feeling is that the more GMs at a Con, the better choice of games I'll have to enjoy.

-- Jeff

Rafael Pardo said...

I play solo, so I have not your troubles.
Enjoy the gaming whatever your choosing!