Monday, October 05, 2009

Proxy Battle Search

Once again I am itchy to get some lead moving on the tabletop.

Campaign plans for this year have been shattered due to work issues and I am seeking an escape.

I am seeking a game setup for the Horse, Foot and Guns era ~ Tricorne or Napoleonic.

A story line is nice and characters are good for color.

6 to 10 Battalions Infantry with a few Cavalry Squadrons and a collection of guns per side is a great size for my table and crew to work with.

Target game day is Sunday October 18.


Capt Bill said...

Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein is interested in a proxy battle. How does this system work? Thanks for a provocative idea...

MurdocK said...


So do you have another 'imagi-nation' that you are in combat with?

If not then I can take a quick lookie at the grand mappe and see what opponent might fit in for you.

What sort of border protection forces do you have?