Friday, October 10, 2008

Grandfathter of Revolution.

We are often challenged in our tabletop games, especially when they are historically based, by having to take on the part of a 'villan'.

Recently I have been gaming much about the Imperial French years, 1804-1808. I have made a study of the roots of the French Revolution, which generated the soldiers and leaders which went on to conquer a continent.

The spiritual root of the French Revolution and the financial spark for it could be said to be the American Revolution, or the 'War for America' of the 1770's.

The child of that American Revolution was a new Republic.

In the minds of some this Republic is gone.

The heavy action started with the "Patriot Act" and now has accelerated with the passing of a financial bill, which according to at least one commentator has given the US President his own bank account, funded by the state.

I have studied much of the French Revolution and the chaotic situation that developed in 1792-96.
I have studied the removal of the Weimar Republic of 1932-3.

The recent events in the United States and my discovery of these videos have brought me to the point of needing to speak out.

Understand the past so as to affect the future.

For all my American friends and readers, this is real, this is now.

This is your time to act.

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Der Alte Fritz said...

One major difference vis a vis your analogies is that every four years, the US peacefully changes power. (In Rome, changes in power were usually done at the tip of th sword). We are about to do so again, and I dare say that under President Obama, American foreign policy is about to take a new direction.

Americans do not want an empire, we would rather go home and let the world the rest of the world take care of its own problems. The free world gets a "free ride" on the coat tails of American security and pays not a cent for the privilege. That's my 2 cents worth of wisdom. (BTW, I can't play the you tube stuff at work, so I'll have to look at it at home.