Friday, February 16, 2007

Wars for Arcadian Glory
(or some such thing)

Jeff, of Saxe-Bearstein, has coined the phrase Wars for Arcadian Glory as the name of a campaign of 17-18th century fictional Duchies, Princedoms, city and nation-states.

In connection with this plan I have been thinking about the consistency of the field armies and the territories of the player-controlled lands & peoples.

Since the concept is to have a non-map or abstracted country I need to define a few terms.

Capitol = Obviously every ruler needs a seat of power, such a place would be a cross-roads for supply and social center; providing logistical support and control for the army.
Greater Province = A developed region capable of greater support for war efforts.
Lesser Province = A somewhat developed region that has been under the administration of the Duchy for more than 2 year (or more or less to be determined by the time of the campaign start).
New Territory / Marche Land / Undeveloped Province = A set of lands new to the Duchy, either recently captured or ceeded from another player or 'discovered' thru exploration (such as was done with India, or parts of Africa, or the Spice Islands, or Colonies).

The other premise was regarding the field army and the size elements of that army, for instance I had thought the campaign should start with a field army of 50% of the maximum optimal size of the field army. I say optimal size since capture of the territory of other players should include the ability to press troops into service from those new lands.

For sake of argument I begin the discussion with a definition of Capitol regions giving 10%, Greater Provinces 20% and Lesser ones 10% of the overall field army strength. New lands only give 5%.

In definitive terms, I have tried to set-out what the field army should look like.
Basing my starting point on the one proposed earlier by Jeff:
2 x Medium Batteries
4 Heavy Cavalry (one Guard)
2 Cavalry
2 Light Horse

1 guard Infantry
8 line Infantry
3 jagers (light skirmish Infantry)

To set the regions contributions:
Capitol: permits 1 each of cavalry and infantry as Guard Class units. Produces artillery either 1 heavy or 2 medium batteries. The capitol is also a case we use such things in the planned game.
Greater Provinces: produces 1 each of Heavy Cavalry, Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Line Infantry, Light (or skirmish) Infantry; or 2 Heavy Cavalry, 2 Line Infantry; or 2 Cavalry, 1 Light Cavalry, 2 Line Infantry; or 1 Cavalry, 2 Light Cavalry, 2 Line Infantry, 1 Light Infantry; or 3 Light Cavalry, 1 Line Infantry and 1 Light Infantry.
Lesser Provinces: produces 1 each of Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Line Infantry, Light Infantry; or 2 Cavalry, 2 Line Infantry; or 2 Light Cavalry, 2 Line Infantry; or 1 Light Cavalry, 2 Line Infantry, and 1 Light Infantry.
New Territory: produces 1 Light Cavalry, 1 Line Infantry; or 2 Light Cavalry; or 2 Line Infantry; or 2 Light Infantry; or 1 Line Infantry and 1 Light Infantry.

This way each player, having a Capitol, Greater and 2 Lesser Provinces at the start of the game will have a number of options to establish a character to their field armies.

Whis is needed is to determine how long or under what circumstances a New Territory becomes a Lesser Province and similarly how a Lesser becomes a Greater Province, each 'improvement' then allowing for a larger field army. Another point of discussion will be the connection of new lands (not conquered). Possibly also will be the 'garrison needs' for each province/territory.


Bluebear Jeff said...

On Saxe-Bearstein I've posted my current thinking as to our authorized "starting army". It is a bit different than what you were working from.

Take a look at my February 18 post:

As for your thoughts, they are a bit more complex than what I've been thinking about . . . I'll need some time to mull them over.

-- Jeff

Hlynrian said...

What did you guys decide to go with?

MurdocK said...


This was in 2007, while we were discussing the Emperor vs Elector ideas and kicking around some concepts for setting up a 'linear' campaign.

Nothing has so far been done about this plan, since the EvE discussions have blasted off in a totally different direction.