Friday, March 10, 2017

Warr Without An Enemie - pickup game

There came the occasion to present the English Civil War to a new player via the Warr Without An Enemie rules set.

So I pulled out the rule-book about 30 minutes before he would arrive and rolled up the two forces, we then diced using the tabletop generation system from SHAKO for the European continent.

This set up a few woods, hills and a towne to conflict for and about.

As this was a pickup game and a first for my opponent, I let him choose the side he wanted and took on the other, as it turns out I ended up commanding Royalists.

battlefield layout, Royalists to the left and Parliament to the right

Parliamentary lines

Royalists at the ready (yes I know most of my troops are actually Parliamentary save for the Welsh at the moment)

So we had at it.

I learned that dragoons well situated in a collection of buildings are very nearly impregnable as only another troop of dragoons are the only ones that could really break them up.

In the early going the Parliament sought to run a column of pike and shotte into the town, which were promptly cut to ribbons.

Lines in turn 2

sakers were loud on both sides

though mostly they were much ado about nothing
A couple of turns later the Parliament had decided to press with horse.

by turn 4 there was a horse tangle-brawl brewing

while in the town the dragoons were hard at it

the Royalist foote were holding, waiting for the right moment to move forward

the horse were bouncing each other back and forth ...

My opponent needed to depart on a work call so the game had to be called.
There was much interest in the subject matter and the models and we may have found the right sort of scale of action for my opponent's interest.  He has stated he wants to do another game, soon.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Alpian Wars returns to Library

The game was actually played in February, however work and family needs have kept me from posting much about this game.

Knights Charge in deck 5
The Victory Without Quarter rules set was again used, and why not since the deck is well prepared to run the fun with this whimsy game.

The colorful miniatures painted by the late Jeff Hudelson were out on full display and straining action.

Once again it was Vile Stagonia vs. Noble Alpia.

Sadly Alpia did not send out their best commanders, they had an average CiC, with a buffoon and elite wing commanders.  While only average commanders were on the field for Stagonia.

Deck two and the troops just get into motion.

By deck 3 there were more close contacts.

Vile Stagonian Knights were truly vile in victory over many foote formations.

By deck 7 there were fewer troops on both sides, though Stagonia held the advantage.

In deck 10 there was a moment of hope for Alpia, then it was dashed when the buffoon commander decided to retire from the battle.

Vile Stagonian foote then delivered the crushing blow to the disordered remnants of the Alpian army.

Vile Stagonian horsemen did hit hard, yet their casualties were too high and they ended up withdrawing from the field.

Vile Stagonian foote won this day with a crash from their firelocks.

Again Vile Stagonia was triumphant!